We knew Las Vegas was known for gambling, drinking, and other unspeakable sins; none-the-less, we were determined to find some good – some family fun! So, our friends had just been there and we had never been, so we asked them what they did when they were there. They said that you just go and walk around and that there was a lot to find and do for free.  For those that don’t know the hotels are connected and you walk through them and see the different sites in each one. Each hotel has its own theme and many have something to see or do for free (thanks Erin!). I thought it was a bit weird that you walk through hotels that you are not checked in at, do not plan to check in at, nor even play in the casinos!  Once we arrived in Vegas, parked in the parking garage, I completely understood! The adventure was on! We were off to find attractions and fun for families! This is our version of Vegas family friendly style!



We decided the first day that we went into town that we would just check the place out and go from there. Wow! We only brought our camera phone with us as we didn’t want to be the only crazy tourists flashing our camera everywhere… little did we know EVERYONE carried their cameras and acted like the crazy tourists that we were!  There were so many side shows ~ meaning that people do almost anything for money/tips while you are walking around! The kids enjoyed the below gentleman; so, we had their pic taken with him! We walked and we walked, and we walked! If you decide to take the bus, it drives around the “Las Vegas Strip” and it costs $5 for two hours or $7 for 24 hours. That’s not a bad price at all especially if it’s just you or you and your spouse; but, me being cheap and figuring the exercise could only help us all, I thought no, we’ll pass on the $28 a day. It was fun walking around and exploring; but, wow, we only walked around (including sitting and breaks in between) for about four hours and I was limping by that time!



Through doing research of our destination, I found a website that offered quite a few attractions, museums, and other things to do for a relatively reasonable price. I found a similar site when we were in Houston called the City Pass (www.citypass.com). The one for Las Vegas is called the Las Vegas Power Pass (www.visiticket.com/LasVegas). If you’d like to get it for just one day, you can see as many places as you can or would like to for $80 for an adult or $50 for a child. The more days you add on, the cheaper it is considered per day. For an example, we did it for two days so it was $99 for adults and $66 for kids. So, if you do it for one day for an adult it averages $80 or 2 days for an average of $49 a day. If you do it for 5 days, it runs $35 a day.  Before getting it, we decided what we’d like to see in Vegas and how much it would cost us if we didn’t get the pass. Just to see the Beatles concert ($50), Siegfried and Roy’s Dolphin Habitat ($20) and Madame Tussauds Wax Museum ($20), it would have been $90! On top of those destinations, we also had at least another 25+ things to see and do for “free” with the pass. Wow, did we find a lot of educational, yet fun things to do in “Sin City.” Not only did we find educational things but we also found other areas of interest like arcades! I’m not a big video game player or enthusiast by any means; however, with the pass we each were able to play for up to 4 hours in the arcade for FREE (a value of about $30 each). We even had pizza, soda, and some ride coupons!

* Disclaimer, double-check their website for current availability for their local attractions for each City Pass.



Now for our Citypass Fun!


Magic Show:

Kristi volunteered to go on stage to help the magician! Boy were we proud of her and was she nervous! She still doesn’t know how she made that table rise! At the end, the magician asked Kristi if she knew how all of this magic worked. She wasn’t sure. He then told her, it’s all about dreams! Dream Big! Her parting gift for participating was a pin in the shape of a star that said Dream!


Beatles Concert: 

We were rocking and dancing in our seats (just as a family) and Kristi was dancing so much in her seat, that they came up and asked her if she would like to go up on stage with the Beatles as their biggest fan! People all over Vegas kept coming up to us congratulating Kristi for doing so well up on stage with them! Quite an experience! She was able to take home a little tambourine with all their autographs on it!


THE Stratosphere:

With our pass we were able to go to the top of the Stratosphere! It was awesome! We each received two free rides, rides that go right off the edge of the top of the Stratosphere, which meant daddy got to ride the rides times eight! Yikes, we were afraid he may fall off the top! LOL! (At least the kids were!)

Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat: 

We absolutely LOVED the dolphins! We could have stayed here forever!

Eiffel Tower: 

We even got to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, well the Vegas Eiffel Tower! Frank and I have been to the top of the real one, and although this one is a smaller replica, you wouldn’t believe how tall this one really is!

Arcade Fun: 

With our CityPass, we even received four free hours of game time at the arcade plus a soda and piece of pizza! This was way more fun than anyone should have! We played air hockey and lots of shooting games, and the kids even had the opportunity to drive their first go-carts, go on carnival rides, and even a giant slide!

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum: 

Madame Tussaud’s was quite an interesting experience! We were able to get up close and personal with such celebs as Jamie Fox, The Blue Man Group, and EVEN the President of the United States! President Obama even let us answer the red phone (i.e., the war line)!

Saying Good-Bye to Las Vegas: 

Leaving the RV Park. Notice the cactus plants! There were so many animals that played around those plants, we could stay busy watching squirrels, birds, and even quail!

I thought I would write this blog post because my general misconception (along with more than likely, many other people’s misconceptions) is that Las Vegas is not a family friendly place for children.  I hope you have fun looking through all the fun things that we enjoyed sharing with you!