Wow, did we learn a lot at the Kennecott Copper Mine! It’s kind of funny because Frank said this was going to be boring, we are going to see the largest hole in the ground.” LOL! We learned all about the history of the copper mine, safety, green issues, and so many more. I think the two areas that the kids enjoyed learning the most about was the specific minerals that were mined (in other words, beautiful rocks!) and all of the areas that copper is so important in our lives! Little did we know that copper is in every faucet of our lives!



Isn’t this huge! It was hard to wrap our minds around how big this was! It is actually 2 1/2 miles in distance
across one direction! The trucks down there look like toy trucks and they have VERY LARGE tires!


…or that so many different beautiful minerals came from the mine. (for some mysterious reason,
Brad couldn’t wait to go to the gift shop and see what was for sale!)



And here are pictures of different things that we couldn’t have without the addition of copper. If I recall correctly,
this mine produces over 1/4 to 1/2 of all copper which is I think 150,000 or more (?) tons a day!