Wow! As I stated in our last post (23 Oct), we have been super busy doing our school work! So, unfortunately, even though we are on the road, things have become quite routine as we’ve been staying at home (in the RV) getting caught up with school work. Needless to say, field trips have very much been missed! So, today we decided to go see two things in the local area – the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics and the biggest hole in the U.S. (an Open Pit Copper Mine)! I’ll write about these in 2 different posts. It was funny today as we were driving up to the Olympics site, we saw a large green ramp (for lack of better terms) going down the mountain (for the ski jumps, etc.) and I said wow, just thinking how these magnificent athletes were right where we. The kids said, “Is that it?” We laughed and said, “Yes, that’s it! Just Kidding!”  Then when we were on the way to the Copper Mine which is known as the biggest hole in the U.S., the kids said now we are going to the biggest hole, is that it?!  LOL!!! We were like, “Yes, we decided just to go to the biggest ramp and the biggest hole in the U.S. …. Heheheee… too funny!  LOL! Anyway, the Olympics Park was so awesome! It was so surreal and I felt my patriotic tears coming on! It was funny because I started hearing the Olympics song in my mind as we ascended up the mountain to the location!  Strange, right? *smile*

As we entered the door, there were a number of different displays including different types of sleds… two for the luge and skeleton and one bobsled. We were in the moment so Frank told Brad and Kristi to go ahead and get in it… I was thinking, no, we aren’t supposed to be doing this!!! It was about this time that I noticed a sign on the other side of the wall that said it was a replica so we can go ahead and dive right into it! LOL! So here is a family picture of us in it!


Lots and lots of interesting displays throughout the Olympic Park. If it weren’t so cold, we could have taken a guided tour which takes you all the way to the top of the luge back down again, and up to the top of the bobsled run and back down again and around the museum. The memorable things throughout were a collection of medals, a large quantity of 2002 Winter Olympics pins, and a small area about the Special Olympics. It was neat because they showed the different devices that they used to help the athletes to complete each sport. Another neat area was an interactive area. This was the kids’ very part. They had an area that they could practice skiing between the poles down the slope. They do not know how to ski but they sure looked adorable trying! If you would like to see more pictures of the 2002 Winter Olympics (in Park City, UT), click through the pictures below. If you would like to learn more about our fun at the Copper Mine, read the next blog post!