We just knew that we had to stop and see the seals in La Jolla Beach! So, after Lego Land, we had to sneak out a little early to be able to stop and see the seals on the way back to San Diego!


A few years ago, I saw a news broadcast while we were back in our home state. Upon further research, it seems this place was originally a children’s beach. The rocks form a natural barrier from the waves, which can be strong at times. So, it was a perfect area for a children’s beach. Evidently, the seals thought it was perfect too. Eventually, they took over the area and people come from near and far to see them! What an amazing site to see! We weren’t able to get very close because it was mating season so they had the beach area roped off. We really shouldn’t be too close to wildlife anyway! They looked so peaceful just laying on the beach!



We also had the opportunity to see Sea Lions! They were just around the corner. I guess when the tide is high, they seek refuge on the columns of rock sticking up out of the ground. Before long, the tide goes down and they are kind of stuck up there until the tide comes back up! I don’t think they mind it or they wouldn’t do it! On top of one little column of rock, you can see a mom, dad, and baby just relaxing the day away! They probably find it as a way to get a little sleep while not having to worry about predators sneaking up and getting them! Hopefully I’ll find the pics soon to add here!