The San Diego Zoo and San Diego Wildlife Safari Park, both owned by the San Diego Zoo, were awesome to say the least! What surprised me was that they were so far apart from each other (like 45 mins away from each other)! My favorite between the two was the San Diego Wildlife Safari Park! Don’t get me wrong, they were both amazing. I think the main thing I liked better about the Wildlife Park is that the animals were spaced out and had so much more room. It seemed more like what they would be if they were still in the wild. Not only did they make sure that they have more space; but, they also made sure they had the normal things that would be in their habitat like the vegetation, hunting, etc.


To begin with, we were lucky to be able to get together with some other fulltime families (that travel on the road) and get a bulk discount for homeschooling. As awesome as the zoos are, they are very expensive! The normal cost to get in was $50 per person. So, for our family of four, we would have had to spend $200+ to go to the zoo! That doesn’t include the extras like the African Tram at the Wildlife Safari, feeding the animals, or any of the other things you’d like to do while you are there! Our homeschooling group discount ran us around $18 each! Isn’t that amazing? And that was even with some of the extras like the Tram and the 4D movie!


Now to the parks! If you’d like to read about the San Diego Safari Wildlife Park, keep reading. If you’d like to read about the San Diego Zoo, click here!


We had a blast here! To start with, we were lucky enough to get to bring Kateylnn, my cousin Scott’s daughter with us! I’m so happy she was able to join us, we had so much fun with her (as you’ll see in the pictures)!

Having fun, on the way to SD Wildlife Safari Park.

Having fun, on the way to SD Wildlife Safari Park.

There were all the usual animals; but, at the Wildlife Safari Park, I think our favorites (at least a few of them) were the Lorikeets and the Lemurs!

Park Map

Park Map

The Apes!

The Bats!

The Birds!

The Goats!



Various Pics!

I’ll leave you with the beautiful plant life and the safari tram! On the safari tram, we learned that the Wildlife Safari Park pays such particular attention to the plant life within the animals habitats!

Plant Life

Safari Tram

Leaving the San Diego Wildlife Safari Park (notice the traffic!)