Wow, where do I begin? We did this RV remodel so long ago and I had planned on getting this post up right away! So much for that! I decided I still better get it put up because it could still help others out there in our circumstances. OK, I guess I’ll start in the living room where my husband and I decided to put bunk beds for a permanent temporary fix to the fact that we weren’t able to get a bunk bed RV to begin with. We would have loved to get one; however, they were initially out of our price range. (They still are, we are just going to try to save, save, save!) Anyway, back to our remodel!

The remodel gave us the opportunity to make our RV a home! We started in the living room long before we did the rest! We initially just put in bunk beds in the living room. It was nice and not too difficult, more creative than anything! My husband is basically a jack of all trades. He knows a lot of things about a lot of areas and just goes from there! He knew that you could buy the beds that go on the ceiling (and fold-down) in the front of the old Class A RVs so he thought we’d put one of those above our couch for our children.

He wasn’t able to find a bunk to fold down from our ceiling; however, he was able to find the metal brackets that would “hold” the bed up (on each side of the bed frame). He painted the brackets white to give them a better look (rather than the old metal look). So, from there, he constructed a wood box that would fit in above our couch. After he constructed the box, he then covered it with leather material to give it more of a finished look. He took that box and attached it to the metal brackets and *wala*!!! That was it! He made it look entirely TOO easy!!!

So, this was our very first remodel. To see more of our remodeling, check out our other blog posts! Our RV looks so much different now! I’d love to hear about your remodeling efforts!