So, we decided it’s time to remodel our RV again! First, when we decided to add bunk beds to our living room for the children, we didn’t take into consideration GROWTH SPURTS and how fast these growth spurts were going to occur! So, needless-to-say, the children are already becoming TOO long for their beds!   🙂  Second, after having carpet in this RV and dealing with it for the last 7 months and trying to keep it clean, we’ve decided it will be much easier to have some sort of hardwood or laminate flooring! Lastly, we decided since they were outgrowing their bunks in the living room, we decided to do one other RV Remodel to turn a space in our bedroom into a personal space for them! First, we wanted them to have bunk beds in the back with their own private curtain. Our second goal was to turn our bedroom into a play area for the kids! In order to give them more room, my brilliant husband had an amazing concept. Keep our bed comfy; but, turn it into a futon-type bed so that it would roll up during the day so they’d have all that place space back there on the floor, along with a couch area that they could watch television, play games, etc.






My husband has the most creative mind for his concept for the kids to have long bunk beds and their own privacy! Our bedroom originally had a queen size bed in the middle of the bedroom with night stands (with closets above them) on each side of the bed. We had some storage under the bed; but, much of the room was devoted for the water tank (to hold fresh water in case we don’t have access to any water). He figured out a way to move the water tank along with everything in the bedroom to allow us the opportunity to have more room! Yay!


So, the first thing we needed to do was to take everything apart and out of the bedroom. This beginning part the kids and I couldn’t really help at all. He needed to take the night stands, closets, etc. apart very carefully so that they could be reused again once he was ready to reinstall them. After everything was out of the room, it was time to paint! We made this part a family affair as we all got involved with the painting (to some degree)!!! The kids even had a math problem and they were asking daddy about it so he painted it on the wall… since he knew we were just going to paint over it! *smile*  We decided to paint the walls with 2 colors, with one on the lower half of the bedroom while the other was on the top half.

The kids love to help paint!


“Because every moment is a learning moment, right?”

Flooring and Bed Design:

Frank was constantly determining his dimensions, to make sure everything was going to fit how he planned on bringing everything back! His plan was to make our queen size bed to be able to slide in and up the side of the wall so that it looked like a futon during the day (so the kids have a good size bedroom to play in – if they were really going to stay inside – lol). Their bunks were going to be the length of the bedroom with their dressers built-in underneath their beds. They also would have curtains too for added privacy! When this entire project was done, the kids were so excited to have their very own special place!!! I know that I was pretty brief on this part of the remodel. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away and I’ll ask Frank to explain! (Have fun looking at all the “after” pictures below!)

Final Touches and Completion:

As you can see in these pictures, our goal was for them to have the long bunk bed length, enough room on each bunk, and extra dresser space! We took one of the nicer plastic-type dressers that you can pick up at the store or Amazon and broke it down and used it as a built-in dresser on their bunks. It worked rather nicely!