I’m not sure I will really be able to get my point across to those of you out there that don’t live this lifestyle. Most RVing families can agree that we have found that this lifestyle is simply the best with so many more benefits than not. But, in order to live this way, we have had to sacrifice a few things. Most of the sacrifices are small in nature such as giving up conveniences like having a washer, dryer, dishwasher, huge living area, etc. One of the biggest sacrifices to us is that we had to leave behind our loving extended family and friends. We also had to sacrifice our children growing up in a neighborhood with the same kids on a continual basis. Once on the road, we found that the RV Community became our everything, our over the road family.  🙂


Our extended family members on the road are simply AMAZING! I just had to write about a recent experience of how wonderful others can be – including others that we haven’t even met in person (only online such as in forums or Facebook). Stephanie Mulac, the owner of the Full-time RVing – FTRVing.com, made a contest for the photo of the Super Moon that had the most “likes” from people on Facebook. Five full-time RVing families that were still at the Orlando Thousand Trails RV Resort Park (where WE are); all decided to head out and enjoy some fun at the pool all at the same time (including us). The kids were swimming and having a great time together when one of the other mothers had a brilliant idea to take a picture of the kids with the Super Moon in the background. Right at that moment, the Super Moon was so pretty and very low still in the horizon. Within minutes we had all of the kids out of pool ready for the picture. Unfortunately, by that time the moon was a bit higher and didn’t appear as large or bright as it did a few minutes ago. It was also right in line of a nearby lamppost! It’s the thought that counts, right?! So, we entered the picture and decided if we win, the kids would enjoy an ice cream social! So, we watched and reared the teams to like our picture!  It came down to the last few hours and we were neck and neck with another person.

What came after this moment is what truly showed what an AMAZING group of people we call our RV family! Prior to the event being over, other RVers including others that had their own picture in the contest listed us on their Facebook page to get even more likes! Hmm (clearing my voice), I’m not going to mention any names… Michelle Thomas! LOL! Then still others out there were making such sweet comments about our photo and our children. Still others were voting for us, and just wishing us well wishes throughout. At the end, we ended up losing – having 136 likes versus 139 likes to the winner, Micah Sheheen. Stephanie Mulac, the group owner, decided that since we were so close she just had to donate the money ($50) to the kids’ ice cream party from “Auntie Stephanie”… we love you Auntie Stephanie!!! Then, within minutes, Micah Sheheen let us know that she wanted her ($50) to go to the kids’ ice cream party too! She figured it could be a pizza and ice cream beginning of summer kick-off party! Yay! My heart is still warmed over by all the great generosity within the RVing community! It just shows one what kind of tight-knit community we are a part of with this lifestyle! I love you guys! Our RVing family ROCKS!!!  (Next post will show the awesome ice cream party!)
Here is a another post about our adventure: http://samanthastudebaker.empowernetwork.com/blog/fulltime-rvers


The following photos are pictures of the kids, with a total of 5 fulltime families including: Lundy, DeMichiel, Keller, and Schrier families!