(First off, if you’d like to know how we happened upon a pizza and ice cream party, read the last post, “Our RV family rocks!” You know, it’s all about the RV Community!)

We had to plan this party quite quickly! As you know, in this lifestyle one never knows how long their neighbors will be around before they get the “itch” move on!    Just kidding! Yes, that’s true; but, in this case one of the families that participated were scheduled to leave in two short days! Now, THIS blog post is going to be fun! As you all know, the kids are benefiting with an ice cream party thanks to a lot of wonderful people out there! Here are the pictures of the party as I promised, Auntie Stephanie! To begin with, I had all of these wonderful ideas of having a huge party – you know, the bigger, the better! I was going to buy streamers, screamers, party hats, and all of the wonderful things that make up a party. However, when I started thinking about the practicability of such things in our environment, it wasn’t such a realistic thought! You see, if we had the party here at Thousand Trails, I can see us putting up streamers just to “get in trouble” and have to take them down. Not to mention feeling like a bit of a nuisance to the elderly in this community.  *giggle*  We thought about and decided it would be a lot more fun to make the mess elsewhere so others can clean it up! Just kidding… (us ladies ended up cleaning up the mess none-the-less!) After running some figures of what was do-able with that many people, we decided to have our party at CiCi’s Pizza! Remember altogether, we had a total of 23 people! We were able to have all we can eat and the managers were even letting us bring in ice cream along with all our goodies for sundaes! We decided against the screamers that you can blow (might get us in a bit of trouble with CiCi’s), figured streamers and other ideas were out, so we focused on what we all LOVE the most – food and good people to socialize and share it with! Needless to say, you can tell by all of these wonderful smiles that EVERYONE had a wonderful time! A great time was had by all! (Beware, lots of pictures for Auntie Stephanie and everyone else to follow!)   All in all, it was an AMAZING time! Thank you to all that made this happen in so many ways! You know who you are!