Our children are the most social little creatures that are out there! It’s always funny when our kids meet other kids at the playground and we end up finding out it is another full-time family that we “know” from online! We end up meeting the parents later and it is just hilarious! It seems like everyone at the RV parks we stay at know our children! That’s a great skill-set in life and as entrepreneurs! Brad and Kristi also know most of the animals (particularly dogs) that stay at the parks! The reason this is, is because everyone walks their dogs and they end up meeting them. They have come a long way since we first went full time. When we first started, they would just assume since the dogs are being walked and there are so many people here that the dogs are friendly; however, they have learned that simply isn’t the case. So, they are always great about asking, “May I pet your dog?”

Needless to say, they have had quite a few dog walking and dog boarding type jobs at the various parks! This last little puppy, they watched somewhat frequently, and we all became a little attached! This little furball was a big fluff ball!  The most adorable little thing. She has a very unique name though; I believe it is Sanabella (I think)! It sounds very cute when you say it anyway!  Unfortunately, that little furball has gone on her merry way to North Carolina and us onto Texas.



Throughout this experience, my children have become quite the little entrepreneurs! The two things they do the best are taking care of/loving animals and making jewelry (out of real beading and crocheting)! So, they have already made business cards to hang up for the dog walking/caring service. As far as the jewelry business, they’ve made business cards and in their spare time they are making a lot of items in bulk so they can sell at the vendor tables at the different RV parks/resorts where we stay. I wish we had our camera when we were at the motor vehicle office a few weeks ago! They were crocheting a bracelet for most everyone waiting (which was quite a lot considering there were probably over 100 people waiting)! Then, they started making earrings too. They were making quite a bundle! One of their first customers was holding up a pair of their earrings saying, “Earrings for sale, earrings for sale!”  🙂  I told her I need to hire her as their marketing manager! LOL! I almost thought we might get in trouble like we “set out” to do business inside the motor vehicle business office! LOL! They had only brought their items to stay busy while waiting for us to be done. Had we not had to wait around for 4 hrs before even being seen, they probably wouldn’t have made it quite so far in their business there! Who am I kidding?! They did come up with it pretty fast! Hope you enjoy the pictures of the little fluff ball! I’ll have more pics of their new business skills as they proceed with their businesses!