Wow! Normally, we try to do our school work in the morning and field trips in the afternoon; or, if we need to leave out early in the morning, we take our school with for the trip and complete the rest the day before or the day after. We have been a bit behind in the last few weeks because of our trip home to Iowa. We’ve also been working day and night because of the level of math that we are on. The kids are learning how to multiply multiple digits together such as 467 x 234. I just learned of a different method than how I was teaching the kids called lattice multiplication. Our curriculum didn’t explain how to do this and I didn’t know that an easier method existed. At Cool Math for Kids, they explain in detail how to apply this type of math. After reading the first page, I didn’t think I was going to understand it to be able to teach it to the kids!  *smile* After the second page, I realized how VERY EASY this method is after applying the concept!  Here is the link:


I found some links to blank lattice pages so that I could apply this to our math problems in our curriculum. They have different worksheets whether you need to multiply 3 digits by 2 digits, 3 digits by 3 digits, etc! Here’s the link: Here is another link that offers blank lattices: Thank you Aunt Sonya for showing me this! I actually learned something from my sister?! LOL! Just kidding sis!

Hope your family has as much fun as we are having with math! (Well sometimes!  LOL!!!) Would also
love to hear what you think!