Idyllwild Thousand Trails is often passed by due to the mountain you have to climb to get there, bad weather in the winter (snow chains are even required), and just an overall uneasiness about bringing the RV up the 6000-7000 feet! We decided to drive up in our van first to see how bad the roads were and just scope out if it was feasible for us.



After getting up to the Idyllwild Thousand Trails RV Resort, there was no way we were skipping this place! The beauty alone is amazing! Not that there aren’t trees in southern California; but, the trees up here are just beautiful forest trees!

Majestic Forest Trees!

Majestic Forest Trees!

Impressive Views!

Impressive Views!








The Thousand Trails Idyllwild preserve is located in the San Jacinto Mountains and just outside The San Bernardino National Forest, just outside the San Bernardino National Forest, and about 5 miles (further up the mountain) from the cutest small touristy town of Idyllwild! I never imagined coming up here would feel so much like a get away, a place of such peace, and tranquility!

Specific info that full-timers love to know:

Sites – The sites are a bit closer than I’d like; but, with all the tree coverage, they feel a bit more spacious. You need to check out different sites to find those that are more level and fit your RV (although we found plenty that would work). Also, make sure you listen to the rangers as to which roads to take, or pay attention to the signs. If you go up certain ways, you can bottom out, hence the signs! If it says do not enter, take the other route! 🙂 Each site comes with a picnic table and outdoor grill.

Amenities – The campground has a large pool, a kiddie pool, an amphitheater for outdoor movies, horses to rent (in the summer), hiking trails that lead out all over the San Jacinto Mountains. There are even some geocaches here! But, be prepared to get your exercise! Since you are on a mountain, you always seem to be walking up or down a very steep incline. (Imagine that, on a mountain, right?) The family lodge is so awesome! We love that it is open morning to night every day, unlike other locations we’ve been at in CA (some are only open on the weekends). That means we don’t have to wait for the weekend to enjoy the family lodge area. They have a TV area, pool table, and my favorites, ping pong and a fireplace! Since you are deep in the forest trees, wood fires are not allowed (you can only burn Duraflame logs). So, when you feel like a fire, you can head on over to the lodge and enjoy a nice fire in the fireplace along with other quality time activities!

Be careful with your pets out late at night. Since you are in the mountains, it’s common for wild animals to be in the environment. (So far we haven’t seen anything; but, have stayed at sites in the last several months that warned of coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats, and more!)

If you would like more info on the Thousands Trails; I’m going to post in a new post soon about Thousand Trails and how our memberships make full-timing more reasonable! Watch for that post soon!

Staff (all the workers were very friendly)
Family Lodge open throughout the week
“Get Away” feel
Free Wi-Fi

Steep inclines to get anywhere.
Getting up the mountain (lol, but enjoy the view)

I’ll leave you with mountain view pictures and pictures during Frank and the kids’ hiking fun!