(DAY 2) Friday was supposed to be the field trip to the Julian Mining Company along with a famous Julian Apple Pie! Unfortunately, with all the wet weather, Julian was a no-go because it had snowed terribly there and they were even calling for tire chains! Lauren did a fabulous job of scheduling a fun backup field trip to the Rueben H. Fleet Science Center in downtown San Diego (in Balboa Park) with an IMAX movie! Over 110 people attended that field trip alone! By the way, we had vowed to most definitely get a famous Julian Apple Pie (even though the field trip was cancelled) since they are sold at local grocery stores. With all the fun and excitement all week, we all forgot about the pie (at least until this post)! After the field trip, there was an essential oils class, pizza party, and a VERY cold; but, fun family friendly movie night under the stars (Inside Out)!


Science Center (This included the science center, Imax, and even a group photo! Look at all of these fulltime families!)

Essential Oils Class

Pizza Party and Outdoor Movie


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