Wow, we just spent the most amazing week with a group of 30+ other fulltime families at the Fulltime Families 2016 Cruisin’ California Rally! I’m not sure I can explain how amazing it is to meet other like-minded individuals on the road – especially SO MANY others that have children! ALL the children and teens! Wow! So awesome! I’m glad we arrived a few days early to get settled and be able to start meeting families arriving early! We were blessed to meet Wes, Lauren, and their family at a pre-rally campfire! 🙂 Shortly thereafter, we learned that Lauren could use some help, as this is a big event to master all by herself as the Wagon Master. So, many of us offered her a helping hand! There are so many behind the scenes and I will eternally be grateful for all of their help! As a side-note, there was a lot of rain expected throughout the week so we had to stay flexible because activities had to continually be changed since most activities at a rally are outdoors (Lauren was awesome at continually keeping up with this)! We even had a tornado warning about 10 miles away! We were so happy it missed us! Going into this, we figured we may be very wet; but, it isn’t going to stop any of us from socializing and having fun!

(DAY 1) Thursday officially started the rally and once things got started, it was non-stop family fun! First there was the charter and lifetime member brunch, registration and craft time, ice breaker games, teen time, soup time, and family game time! Quite a busy time was had by all!

Specific highlights of the day… Some of my favorites of the day were the ice breaker games and teen time! They were the funniest events of the day! First, one of the ice breaker games was hilarious! Kids and adults alike had to put a sticker on their forehead of who they were supposed to be and they had the opportunity to ask 2 questions per person to find out who they were! We had everything from Elsa to Ben Franklin, to Michael Jackson! Too funny! Another event that I thought went above and beyond was teen time! The teens played a game called Bigger and Better. They were given a paperclip and then they were to go from home to home trying to get the homeowner to trade them the paperclip for something (anything) bigger or better. The condition is that the homeowner understood that they are willing to part with this item and not going to get it back! Remember, many of the homes that the teens went to were not in our group nor had any idea what these teenagers were doing! You should have heard some of the stories the teens relayed to us when they got back. All were laughing and giggling. I am definitely glad I was not one of the judges for this event! The judges had quite the discussion and duty to decide whose item constituted bigger and/or better! Ray Barkley did a great job as head judge at presenting the overall views of the judges! We had various items from a Tupperware container, blanket, piece of fence board, (broken) helmet, a chair, and a trash bag! All of this within thirty minutes of up-trading! Too awesome! They teens got up in front of the group and explained why their item was bigger, better, a necessity, and all their uses! Quite thought-provoking! The judges ultimately decided that two of the teams tied, the team with the blanket and the team with the fence board! Why would the board come in a tie for first place? Because they made something more of it. They didn’t just have it as a useless piece of board, they turned it into a “Friendship Board!” It was awesome! They had everyone sign it and even made it a keepsake!


Meet and Greet (The Meet and Greet included meeting everyone, craft time, and hulu hoop fun!)

Ice Breaker Games (One of our ice breaker games included a “Heads Up” type of game. You had to ask each person only two questions which could help you figure out who you are.)

Teen Time (Teen Time included a game called “Bigger or Better” and Slushie/Popcorn Time)

Soup Dinner


Day 1          Day 2          Day 3          Day 4          Day 5 (Unofficial)     Views of the Area and Leaving the Rally