(DAY 3) Saturday was the busiest day yet (or maybe it just seemed that way because there were several bigger events later in the day)! Saturday started off with a roadschool chat, family bike rides, parade of homes (where we were able to see how others decorated and used every inch of their precious space) while the kids had playtime at the playground, The Amazing Race, Barbecue, Fulltime Family Explorers Ceremony, then the Retro Beach Party Bash!


Specific highlights of the day… The Amazing Race was definitely an amazing, memorable event! Just like the television show, people get a clue and run off to the next clue. At each station, they have to complete the activity or challenge in order to get their next clue to move on. Some of the activities were to put on a musical, walk the Hollywood red carpet, horseshoes, make the perfect marshmallow (golden brown without being burnt – for those that don’t know… lol), do a rocket launch, even had an eating challenge! Those in charge of the eating area decided they didn’t want to have to give “icky” food choices (lol) so they decided to provide Philippian food choices! It was neat to be able to try some kinds of food that we don’t get to try every day! Even though I was one of the volunteers, I had to try that challenge! *smile* The purple sweet potatoes were really good and almost tasted like frosting! There was also another challenge during the race that was awesome! It was a mission challenge where everyone participated in putting together care packages for the homeless! Overall awesome experience! I saw a lot exhausted kids, let alone parents! Of course, after that fun, exciting, and exhausting event, we still had dinner and the beach party! What can I say about the beach party? It was a lot of fun and wow; do we have some good hulu hooper’s in our group?!!! Wow, the kids can go forever! Oh, I almost forgot about “rally cash!” Anytime anyone was caught doing the right thing, helping out, having awesome ideas, etc., they were given rally cash! All cash was exchanged tonight by putting it into a drawing. You could put as many or as few as you’d like into each drawing! There were drawings for everything from science center grab bags (they even came with a shirt), cruises (whale, that is), The U.S.S. Midway, and so much more! What a great idea! You should have seen all the kids helping out!


(I was only able to get pictures at certain Amazing Race stations – I’m going to try to add some other pictures from other fulltime families for the other stations)

Amazing Race

Beginning the Race / General Pictures


Perfect Marshmallow

Cultural Foods

Care Packages


Diamond Hunting

Other Activities:

Kids’ Entrepreneur Market

Playground Time (during  Tour of Homes – I was at playground time so I didn’t get pics of the Tour of Homes)

Retro Beach Party:

General Pictures (and Limbo)

Hulu Hooping


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