We started out Father’s Day Frank’s favorite way (along with all of us), having some of our favorite foods at an all you can eat restaurant! Oh no! Not so great for our diet; but, we had fun and watched it at least a little bit! The kids loved that they had all of their breakfast favorites all in one breakfast meal! It is so hot here in the south (currently Texas), that we often times try to limit our exposure in the sun during the peak daytime hours. So, we went back home to the RV and had a sort of family movie time and watched a few movies. The kids loved watching Cinnamon the Dog, Journey 2, and even John Carter! The kids don’t seem to mind the heat as much as we do so they did go out and had fun with their friends for a little while. Much later in the day we spent quite a bit of time in the pool. There were quite a few kids in the pool including many of the Brad and Kristi’s friends so Frank and I actually had a little time to ourselves too! During the time that we spent in the pool we kind of played around with our underwater camera! It was a lot of fun; however, I can see we have some work to do on it!  Some of the pictures of me were not so good; but, the kids looked great (especially one of the boys under water). Overall, I think Frank had a happy Father’s Day! I know we had a great amount of quality family fun! Hope you enjoy the pictures!!! (BTW, notice how I don’t have any of Dad on Father’s Day? Didn’t he do a great job of staying out of the camera view? 🙂