Wow! What a really cool day!

We were excited when we came to San Diego because that meant that we were finally going to meet a friend that we met online on the road, Kara! So, Kara and I decided to finally get our families together and she suggested the “sunken ship” at Coronado (just outside the San Diego area). Sounded like fun from the start, little did we know how much!

First some views on the way:



After Kara suggested it, I proceeded to look it up on the internet! The sunken ship is the S.S. Monte Carlo, a 1930’s mob-owned 300 foot “sin ship,” where gambling and prohibition where still legal (because it was considered international water). It was originally docked outside Long Beach; but, after much persistence by the police, it left Long Beach and docked three miles off the Coronado. All was fine until New Year’s Day 1937 when a bad storm came through and the S.S. Monte was shipwrecked to this terrible storm! It has been there every since. However, it hasn’t been visible for 80 years!  This year it showed it’s self just south of the Hotel Del when the tide was low enough.



Between finally being able to meet a friend we’ve been talking to for years online, and getting to see the sunken ship,  it truly was a spectacular day! So, we checked online to see when the tide was going to be the lowest that day and showed up a few hours before low tide. It was so awesome to get to meet Kara and her family. After a few minutes, the kids were having a blast from beach activities like building a sand castle, to climbing on the remains of this massive ship ruins!


Having fun with friends…    


On the left of the beach, we saw a soldier/sailor guarding the beach. I guess no one could go on the far side of the beach without having a military ID. As we were standing there, we saw a whole bunch of Navy Seals go running in formation down the hill, across the beach, and straight into three water. We also saw in a distance other Navy Seals practicing their maneuvers with a helicopter hovering over the water and them dismounting into the water (with tons of wind just above the water). They sure work hard! We also saw some kind of maneuvers with some kind of aircraft with radar just above or heads!


Oh, and did you see that sand dollar in the pictures above? That was a really neat discovery! We’ve only found sand dollars that were already dried out and white; so, it was neat finding LIVE pink-ish looking sand dollars! Check out this video to learn more!

…and for some unknown reason, this was out in the water on the beach! We actually think he just wanted a better picture of the ruins!


In the middle of the water!

In the middle of the water!


Lots of excitement and good family fun. I know the kids – – what am I talking about – – all of us, will be talking about this for a long time. It was so good to finally meet Kara!


Kara and I!

Kara and I!