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Our RV Tour and RV Remodel – So far!

Here is a tour of our Class A bunk bed RV along with many minor RV remodel modifications that made our RV functional personally for our family! I can’t wait to do more of our RV remodels where we can further personalize (think colors and prettiness) to make it more personal to us!   Front Area Where should I start? I guess in the front of the RV. First, our RV came with 2 big box TVs (along with a small LED TV in the back by the bunks). That’s the first thing we took out and put LCD...

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10 Ways We Save Money While Fulltime RVing

1. Campground Memberships We save so much money fulltime RVing with campground memberships and have throughout our time on the road.  There are many different memberships including Thousand Trails, RPI, Passport America, Good Sam’s Club, and more!  We have had a membership with most of these; however, we mainly use Thousand Trails and it has been a Godsend!  If you don’t have one, and would like more information, check out this post to find out more. In the meantime, if you would like to find the cheapest campsites without a membership, use Free Camp Sites to find the cheapest places...

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Let’s Talk Campground Memberships!

Over the years on the road, we have stayed at many different RV resorts, private parks, campgrounds, state and federal parks, and more! Between all of these different campgrounds, we have learned a thing or two about campground memberships throughout our years on the road! This is just a brief overview!   Private Parks and State/Federal Parks When we first started we stayed mostly at private parks and state/federal parks. We quickly learned the cheapest way to stay at a private park was to ask if they had any weekly or monthly rates! Staying at a private park can run you...

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Snorkeling and Kayaking in La Jolla, CA!

Where to begin?! Well, snorkeling/ kayaking was sort of a bust this time! We were so very excited to get to go kayaking; but, especially the snorkeling! I mean, we were going to be at one of the most awesome places to snorkel, the famous La Jolla caves! We found an awesome Groupon with Everyday California that included snorkeling, kayaking, and all the equipment that you need for your adventure. (As a note for those wondering, it was $35 a person, normally $79; so, that was a total of $140 for our family of four instead of $316.) Their...

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Idyllwild – Beautiful and Majestic

Idyllwild Thousand Trails is often passed by due to the mountain you have to climb to get there, bad weather in the winter (snow chains are even required), and just an overall uneasiness about bringing the RV up the 6000-7000 feet! We decided to drive up in our van first to see how bad the roads were and just scope out if it was feasible for us.

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Our Visited Places!

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